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Our first Agricultural grant recipient, Dr Jagadis Gupta Kapuganti won the National Startup Award for his Start-Up FRUVETECH, incubated at NIPGR. Hearty Congratulations!! | SreePVF congratulates our grantee, Dr Vidita Vaidya on being conferred the prestigious Infosys Prize in Life Sciences for 2022! Watch the award ceremony here. | Latest News: In Conversation with a Mentor | Interview with Sudha Chadalawada          


Translational Biomedical Research Grant 2022
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Since 2014

About us

Sree Padmavathi Venkateswara Foundation (SreePVF), Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, has been supporting excellence in medical education and care as well as offering awards, donations and grants to individuals and institutions, societies and foundations, whose aims and activities are in tune with those of the Foundation since its inception in 2014.

SreePVF is founded by Dr Chadalawada Sudha and Dr Chadalawada Nageswara Rao, both successful medical professionals and alumni of prestigious institutes like Harvard Medical College and Tufts University respectively, who returned from USA in 1978 to establish the popular tertiary health care centre “Pinnamaneni Poly Clinic” in Vijayawada, a small town in those days.


  1. Build an organization that inspires the nation to innovate and continue improvements in the fields of agriculture, science, education, preventive health care and affordable high quality homes.
  2. Enrich lives of people through philanthropic activities and thus play a vital role in nation building.
  3. Have high impact on society by carrying out philanthropic activities in the chosen fields and further contribute to the society by inspiring and instilling confidence in people for the purpose of nation building.
  4. To Encourage and develop entrepreneur skills among the people.
  5. To attain the state of Jeevanmuktha (Emancipation), guide and encourage the people in undertaking the path for attaining the state of Jeevanmuktha.

Founder’s Philisophy


“My Philosophy is to give and give my Wealth be it Material or be it Spiritual”

Rare combination of relentless quest for professional excellence and deep concern for social good characterize the personality and work of Dr. Sudha, motivated with striving for better coordinated efforts in rendering services to the people, mark out her as a different from the run of the mill professionals.


“Millions across the Globe are living with a hope for a better tomorrow. Inspire, Insipre and Inspire to Dream and Realise”

DR. CHADALAWADA NAGESWARA RAO M.S., FRCSC, FACS. Diplomate in American Board of Urology Dr. CHADALAWADA NAGESWARA RAO hails from Guntur District. He had his Medical Education from Andhra Medical College and took his M.S. Degree in General Surgery from Andhra University in 1964.



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